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AI for Justice: Darrow Profiled in Forbes

Emily Berg


As she puts it, Geri Stengel “writes about the success factors of women entrepreneurs.” And did she ever, profiling Darrow’s co-founder and CTO, Gila Hayat, in a recent article for Forbes called, AI for Justice: How A Female Founder Builds The Case For Lawyers.”

Geri writes (quite eloquently) about how Darrow is both transforming the legal industry and paving the way for women in AI. She starts off by sharing statistics we are all familiar with (but are always disturbing to see in print) about about how female founders receive only 7.6% of global VC, and represent only 22% of AI professionals globally.

Next up, the author highlights how Darrow uses AI to help lawyers do more good, revolutionizing the detection of legal violations and shedding light on previously uncovered breaches in Finance, Consumer Protection, Employment, Healthcare, and Environment.

Read the full article in Forbes here.