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How Darrow’s technology works

Darrow scans publicly available data to detect hidden legal violations, turns them into cases, and gives you everything you need to know about them.

Real-World data
Legal violations
Justice intelligence
Real-World data
Legal violations
Justice intelligence

Injustice is hidden. Everywhere.

Every day, millions of people around the world are harmed by legal violations that go completely unnoticed — from cancer-causing air pollution to privacy breaches endangering sensitive information, to defective medications causing irreversible damage.

It's nearly impossible to find these violations in the sea of data, let alone build a case around them. Until now.

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44K vehicular accidents caused by defective auto parts every year

335K health-related data breaches annually

1.3K medications are recalled each year

29M injuries and 21K deaths caused by defective or unsafe products every year


The justice intelligence platform

Darrow’s Justice Intelligence Platform uncovers hidden violations, connects the legal dots, and predicts the financial value
of each case. So you can build the strongest cases.

Case Matching

The right case for you

Darrow's algorithm matches you with cases that align with your focus. So you expand into the areas that interest you.

Case insight

Every piece of the puzzle

Get all the information you need to take on the case. 

Case Value & Strategy

Eliminate the

Darrow’s predictive AI determines the financial value of your case, every step of the way. Now you always make smart, data driven decisions.

Plaintiff Discovery

Find the people you're fighting for

Darrow helps you connect with the victims for the case.

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