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Sourcing good cases for your firm can be costly and time consuming.
Deciding whether to take on a case can require lengthy due diligence. Darrow connects you to cases that matter, so you can make smarter, faster decisions.

Injustice is hidden. Everywhere.

Every day, millions of people are harmed by legal violations that go completely undetected, from cancer-causing air pollution to privacy breaches endangering sensitive information. It's nearly impossible for lawyers to sift through mountains of data to find that smoking gun.

Darrow's Justice Intelligence platform cuts through the noise to help lawyers discover their next big case.

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Justice Intelligence by Darrow

Darrow's AI-Powered Justice Intelligence Platform scans real world data to detect harmful events, determine the number of victims, predict the legislative outcome, and assess the financial value of a case.

Case Matching

Darrow matches each case with the right firm according to jurisdiction and practice area, so you always get the right referrals.

Case Insights

Darrow generates data-driven intelligence reports with information about evidence, damages, class size, and precedent - so you can strategize.

Case Underwriting

Darrow's predictive AI calculates the financial value of each case at every step of the legislative process. No more guesswork.

Plaintiff Discovery

Darrow helps lawyers connect with plaintiffs across all 50 states.

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