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We are lawyers.

We know that discovering new cases requires days and weeks of costly manual labor – sifting through massive amounts of online data, whether it’s following news feeds and social media, or monitoring contracts and policies. That’s not what you signed up for.

We are also intelligence experts.

We built Darrow, because we knew there is a more effective way to unearth legal claims. Using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, we help legal professionals discover violations and extract legal implications from a vast array of data.


The sheer volume of data sources out there is overwhelming, leaving many claims undetected.

Darrow is constantly monitoring the ever-growing online corpus, and distilling the most impactful insights. That’s how we provide your firm with a continuous stream of comprehensive research reports on legal violations.


Legal Case Search for different domains

Discover Violations

Looking to take on more cases? Whether you are a litigator or litigation financier, we can help. Simply tell us which cases you are looking for, and we will provide you with the data you need.

Let Darrow’s engine do the work

Based on your specified preferences, Darrow’s engine will scan the deep web for relevant data and access fused sources beyond the reach or visibility of standard practice. Information about notable indications of wrongdoing is then extracted and enriched.
Legal case search report
Legal case search report
Legal case search report
Legal case search report

Get Actionable Insights

Darrow’s data enrichment mechanism develops a coherent factual storyline for each indication of wrongdoing: what happened and why, where and when, who is implicated, and the extent of the problem. Our reports are constantly delivered to your inbox, fuelling your workflow with the complete factual, technical, and legal picture necessary to make your case.

Darrow's Features

Become a proactive claim miner
Be the first to find new meritorious cases and manage uncertainty
Extract legal insights in seconds
Constantly monitor your areas of interest and cut through the noise
Cut Spending on Case Discovery
Reduce the cost and inaccuracy of manual claim mining with the power of AI
Darrow's website on monitor using their legal case search platform


Using Darrow, legal professionals gain a huge market advantage by receiving quality information about undetected legal violations, reducing investigation time and diminishing costs, ultimately ensuring successful litigation.


Darrow boosts a market for private enforcement.

By backing strong cases with superior information, we enable better compensation to victims, while minimizing frivolous filings and reducing litigation costs.

Founding Team

Evyatar Ben Artzi, Co-Founder & CEO
Evyatar Ben Artzi
Co-Founder & CEO
Gila Hayat, Co-Founder & CTO
Gila Hayat
Co-Founder & CTO
Elad Spiegelman, Co-Founder & COO
Elad Spiegelman
Co-Founder & COO


Business Development Representative

About the Role

As a Business Development Representative at Darrow, you will identify potential partners, and manage ongoing communication with all of our existing partners. You will have to be on top of legal claims that Darrow detects and explain them to law firms and other stakeholders. The position includes negotiating and closing deals with partners, all the while developing innovative transaction structures. You will also be in charge of analyzing results and optimizing performance


  • Fluent in English
  • Bar admitted attorney with 2+ years of commercial or corporate experience OR 2 + years of experience in Sales / Business Development / Account Management
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • A people person
  • Experience with CRM applications - preferred
  • Resourceful and agile
  • Truthful and trustworthy
  • Creative thinker
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UX Architect

About the Role

As Darrow's UX Architect, you will get to know Darrow’s partners - whether their trailblazing litigators or intelligence gathering experts. You'll create incredible user experience and lead the entire design process of a complex product that will change the administration of justice. You will also collaborate with product management and engineering to define and implement innovative solutions for effective product-user interaction and experience. As Darrow’s first in-house UX designer you will establish and promote design guidelines, practices and standards that will lead the way for years to come.


  • Significant professional UX skills, demonstrated by portfolio
  • Good UI Instincts
  • Solid experience in creating wireframes, storyboards, user flows and process flows
  • Proficiency with commonly used design tools
  • Skilled in high level product strategy and vision 
  • Superb communication skills
  • Resourceful and agile
  • Truthful and trustworthy
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Product Manager

About the Role

We are looking for a sharp and passionate Product Manager to lead the development of our core products. This role is about designing experiences that make relevant data accessible and available to internal stakeholders and customers. As a Product Manager, you will play a central role in Darrow’s mission and vision, creating tools to enable attorneys to fight the good fight and enhance the impact of justice.


  • Own the end-to-end product life-cycle from requirement collection to deployment, working closely with Darrow’s Data Engineering and Legal Data teams
  • Define product vision and strategy and identify opportunities for new features 
  • Capture and define user stories and product requirements 
  • Drive product planning processes, including building a product roadmap 
  • Maintain and prioritize a feature backlog
  • Work with legal data experts and attorneys to understand customer challenges and conceptualize solutions
  • Communicate product objectives and progress to key stakeholders 


  • 3+ years of relevant product management experience, preferably working on B2B data products
  • Strong technical background and experience using agile methodologies
  • A proven ability to run complex data-driven projects in a dynamic environment
  • Experience in breaking high-level requirements and large epics into milestones / shippable user stories
  • Experience with analytics and A/B testing tools
  • Entrepreneurial and analytical mindset
  • Great UX instincts
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Background in Big Data and understanding of AI/ML systems development - an advantage
  • Legal background - an advantage
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Full Stack Developer

About the Role

As a Fullstack Developer at Darrow, you will build web applications with a focus on the client side - whether it’s Darrow’s legal data analysts or partners in prominent law firms. You will take the lead in the design and development of the overall architecture of the web applications Darrow is building. You will also collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to design and launch new features.


  • 4+ Years of experience
  • ReactJS, NodeJS
  • Python, Javascript
  • Skills: CSS, HTML, REST API, GraphQL
  • Experience with SQL (postgres) and no SQL databases (Elasticsearch, MongoDB or similar)
  • Experience with AWS infrastructure (RDS, EC2, Lambda,S3), Dockers
  • Preferably experience in designing and implementing architectures.
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Data Engineer

About the Role

As a Data Engineer at Darrow, you will design, implement and maintain data pipelines from various sources. You will devise scalable solutions to enhance the capabilities of Darrow’s legal data team to analyze factual information and extract legal implications from it. In these roles you will also work with analysts and product managers to understand business priorities and translate requirements into data models. 


  • 4+ Years of experience
  • Python, Java, NodeJS
  • Experience with SQL (postgres) and no SQL databases (Elasticsearch, MongoDB or similar)
  • Experience with data pipelines and designing ETL pipelines
  • Experience with AWS infrastructure (RDS, EC2, Lambda, S3), Dockers

The Position is also open to an experienced Backend Developer

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Data Scientist / ML Engineer

About the Role

As a Data Scientist or ML Engineer at Darrow, you will be a part of a team solving complex natural language processing problems that have an effect on the life and liberty of people worldwide. You will design and develop innovative data-driven solutions at the core of Darrow’s legal data operations. You will work closely with legal data analysts and the development team.


  • 2+ Years of experience
  • Python, JS
  • Experience with NLP algorithms
  • Experience with Deep learning algorithms
  • Experience with SQL (postgres) and no SQL databases (Elasticsearch, MongoDB or similar)
  • Familiarity with AWS infrastructure
  • BSc+ in Data Science or Computer Science
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Legal Data Analyst

About the Role

We are looking for an intelligence expert with a bright analytical mind to join our growing legal data teams. As a Legal Data Analyst, you will use Darrow’s data products to detect legal violations in scale; develop cases with enormous impact from scratch; evaluate and predict case outcomes with cutting-edge accuracy; and formulate new data pipelines for legal claim mining.


  • Play a key role in Darrow’s Analysis core teams - fuse intelligence gathering, data analysis, and legal research
  • Translate legal intelligence needs into actionable insights about legal violations
  • Locate new data sources, using advanced analytical tools
  • Help establish automatic methods of claim mining in collaboration with Darrow’s Product and Data Engineering teams


  • 2+ years of experience in data analysis related roles OR 2+ years of experience in complex litigation at a leading law firm
  • Ability to collaborate with technical and non-technical teams
  • Fluent english
  • Entrepreneurial and analytical mindset
  • Legal background - a big advantage
  • Experience with leading data analysis teams - an advantage
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