Doing the
future justice

Darrow’s story starts with people.
People who share a vision of a more just world.

Darrow was born out of an ongoing conversation between two friends on the intersection of law, technology, ethics, and truth. Elad Spiegelman and Evyatar Ben Artzi met in law school and then clerked together at the Israeli Supreme Court where they encountered, firsthand, a high level of friction in the justice system.

One major realization was that most serious violations never even make it to court - a clear and significant barrier to achieving true justice. But it was Gila Hayat (a senior Software Engineer and Team Lead in the IDF’s 8200 unit) who identified this problem as one of intelligence gathering, adding a pivotal dimension to the conversation.

The three connected over common values and quickly understood the solution had to be a technological one, co-founding Darrow in January 2020.

As the team grew, the conversation between three co-founders evolved into a company.

Today, Darrow includes top-tier lawyers, world-class data scientists, academics, and creatives who share a vision of frictionless justice. We are on a mission to find and resolve every legal violation, pioneering the data-for-justice revolution.

Not disruptive.

We must reimagine the way we practice law. And just as law was originally birthed by a community of devoted legal scholars, only a similarly enthused community of modern-day thinkers can together conceptualize and ultimately build, a new chapter of law. Our goal is not to tear down the system as it exists right now, but to build upon it and improve it so justice can finally be equitable and accessible - for all.

Our values


When we focus on people,
their wants and needs, the rest
will follow.

Total candor

Always speak the truth, and
challenge others to be the best
version of themselves.


There is no end to the scope
of our abilities. Everything
is possible.


First, optimize the elements at
your disposal. Only then, start to
look elsewhere.


Step outside of who you think you
are, and always be
you. All the way.

Pursue truth

Always practice curiosity,
diligence, and humility in
seeking the truth.


Join the data-for-justice revolution

We’re looking for people who share our vision of frictionless justice, and who want to be part of writing the next chapter of law.

Our offices


Yitzhak Sadeh St. 8, 21st Floor
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.


1140 Broadway #1002
New York, NY, USA.