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Every legal violation leaves a data trail.

Everything in the law is about precedent, and with precedent comes data: millions of decisions, rulings and judgements; mountains of violations, evidence, facts, and claims; scores of court records, information about judges' behavior, expert witness testimonies, and attorney's information.

Lawyers have been using data to make smart litigation decisions and artful predictions for centuries: Do I have a case? How much is my case really worth? What is the likeliest outcome? How can I persuade a judge to make a ruling by proving a similar decision has been made in the past?

Darrow's Justice Intelligence Platform harnesses that data to help lawyers make even better decisions, so they can take on more cases and win.

Great litigation
is our roadmap

Darrow's AI-Powered Justice Intelligence Platform scans real world data to detect harmful events, determine the number of victims, predict the legislative outcome, and assess the financial value of a case.

How it Works


Darrow scans publicly available, real-world data from every corner of the web – from social networks and news outlets, to litigation sources and financial information.


Darrow’s AI connects all relevant data points in context to detect legal violations.


Detected legal violations are then formed into robust cases with insights at every turn.

Case Portal

Once you decide to take on a case, Darrow provides up-to-date, data-driven insights and intelligence reports that are easily accessible in the user portal.


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