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Darrow's AI-Powered Justice Intelligence Platform sifts through real world data and legal data to detect harmful events, determine the number of victims, predict the legislative outcome, and assess the financial value of a case. It works by fusing together relevant data points, extracting factual patterns within the publicly available legal databases, and comparing events to determine whether a violation has occurred.

How it Works


Darrow scans publicly available, real-world data from every corner of the web – from social networks and news outlets, to litigation sources and financial information.


Darrow’s AI connects all relevant data points in context to detect legal violations.


Detected legal violations are then formed into robust cases with insights at every turn.

Darrow's Case Portal

Once a legal violation has been detected and validated, it gets matched with a law firm according to their legal domain expertise and interest.
Users can easily login to their Darrow portal to explore a selection of available cases they may choose to take on.
Once you decide to move forward with a case, you will be connected to Darrow's Litigation Success team, which provides tools
and support throughout the case lifecycle to ensure a successful outcome.


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your area of expertise.


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Determine the financial
value of your case.


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for your case.