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PlatinffLink: Bridging the Gap Between Lawyers and the Public



While our incredible partners have been working tirelessly  to advocate for victims of wrongdoing, we at Darrow have been innovating behind the scenes to develop revolutionary tools and technology that can accelerate their practice.

For too long, law firms have struggled to bridge the gap between their expertise and the people who most need legal representation. PlaintiffLink is Darrow’s solution to that challenge – designed specifically for law firms to efficiently connect with qualified plaintiffs for their cases. This tool is set to revolutionize the legal industry by enabling attorneys to concentrate on their core mission: delivering justice to those who seek it.

The right plaintiff can make or break your case

As a lawyer, you know all too well that a strong and motivated plaintiff can make or break your case. The right class rep must not only have a valid legal claim, but should possess the credibility and standing necessary to bolster your case. They should be reliable and credible, without any potential conflicts of interest that may expose them to objection by defense at any stage. Your plaintiff must encapsulate everything the case stands for and be willing to actively participate and see the case through. 

PlaintiffLink is designed specifically for law firms to efficiently connect with qualified plaintiffs for their cases. With the focus on quality, a rigorous two-tier vetting system allows you to connect with qualified and motivated plaintiffs.

Accelerate case filings with unparalleled efficiency

Needless to say, without a quality class rep, the legitimacy of the entire class action may be compromised, potentially jeopardizing the success of the case itself. Any delay in ultimately connecting with the right plaintiff may lead to procedural delays, which can result in another firm filing the case first, after you have already invested significant time and resources.

But current services available to firms are often arduous, cumbersome, and resource-intensive, diverting focus away from legal strategy and case preparation. Lawyers often encounter significant hurdles in working with credible and committed plaintiffs to represent the broader group affected by the legal violation.

With PlaintiffLink, the entire process becomes fully streamlined and exponentially more efficient. You can now manage your entire campaign from one centralized platform – from defining characteristics, to monitoring the case’s status, to communicating directly with your Litigation Success Manager. You now have full and immediate visibility into the status of your campaign: simply login and review. 

Centralized communication for faster results

If you’ve partnered with Darrow before, you know we offer a superior product; but, with the release of PlaintiffLink, the experience will become far better. You will no longer need to communicate with your Litigation Success Manager via email, or spend time searching through your inbox for previous communication about the status of your campaign. The  process is designed to be much faster than before, so you can  remove bottlenecks, to get your cases filed quickly. 

PlaintiffLink - potential plaintiff found screen

Full visibility into your campaigns’ status

PlaintiffLink gives you real-time insights and visibility into the status of your campaigns, directly from your Darrow portal.  Simply login and, in an instant, review and approve all details related to your campaign. For example, you can edit or approve characteristics, monitor the campaign’s progress, and review information about your clients.

PlaintiffLink - your campaign is live

Shared success

As a plaintiff’s attorney who works on a contingency basis, any investment in your case (financial or otherwise) has to be worthwhile. You have to pay a lot of vendors and experts to help with various aspects of your case, without any guarantee of a return on your investment. But with Darrow, our successes are always aligned, and our victories are always mutual. Our unique pricing model means we don’t charge any upfront fees, providing our partners with more financial flexibility. 

Quality, speed, and streamlined

Connecting with the right plaintiffs for your case is key to the success of the case, and ensuring that justice is served. Our new plaintiff tool was developed to enable lawyers to efficiently connect with thoughtfully vetted plaintiffs in an efficient and centralized manner. 

As a mission-driven company, our goal is to create technology that allows law firms to uncover more egregious legal violations and let victims tell their story. With the release of PlaintiffLink, Darrow is continuing to innovate and expand its capabilities to ensure legal violations are swiftly discovered, precisely valued, and efficiently resolved.

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