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Darrow’s New Season: Announcing our $35M Series B Round



A little more than three years after founding Darrow, we have raised a $35 million Series B round. The round was led by Georgian – a true partner in every sense of the word. Like our partners at F2 Venture Capital, Entrée Capital, NFX and Y Combinator, Georgian deeply understands and connects to Darrow’s vision of frictionless justice.

So, we continue to build fast and fair justice for all. This new round of funding will allow us to continue building toward that vision. More specifically, it will enable us to recruit top talent in R&D and GTM functions, break into new legal domains, and scale our large language models designed to detect egregious legal violations.

This is a great moment in time to reflect on our work as we move into an exciting new season.

On Fighting for Justice

Our partners — the public interest law firms we work with — are the real heroes here. They are the ones out there fighting for justice every single day, representing the little guy; the disenfranchised; the victims of wrongdoing. They are the ones litigating landmark cases that shape society and hold bad actors accountable. Our mission is to empower them and to help them on this noble quest. 

As lawyers ourselves, we know they spend too much time and money searching for their next case, trying to bring new business into their firm and serve the public interest. But it just isn’t humanly possible for lawyers (even the best lawyers) to parse through endless amounts of data.

This investment gives us the opportunity to build a far superior product for our partners — to bring them more high-value, impactful cases so they can focus on what they do best: fighting for justice.

On Darrow’s Impact in the World

From the beginning, Darrow’s mandate has always been about doing well by doing good. But this is not some empty ESG slogan. Our platform has already uncovered hundreds of potential violations resulting in active litigation work totalling over $10 billion in damages for millions of victims. 

We’re talking about environmental claims against companies that harm communities who are unaware their illness has been caused by pollution in their water, air or land. We’re talking about healthcare providers that share patients’ most private medical information, which can lead to health-driven targeted advertising, identity theft, financial loss, discrimination and stigma, mental anguish, and other serious negative consequences to their reputation, health and physical safety. We’re talking about banks and financial institutions that practice discriminatory lending and underwriting on the basis of race, perpetuating and reinforcing generations of inequality. We’re talking about employers who systematically pay male workers more than female workers, and companies that overcharge their unknowing, trusting customers. We’re talking about pension funds that squander hard working people out of their retirement savings, so they’re left with nothing in their old age.

Darrow helps level the playing field — not just for plaintiff’s firms in terms of the data that is available to them, but for the victims themselves. While every major corporation has a dedicated counsel that is actively looking out for their best interest at all times, the average person does not have a legal team in their corner. 

That is, until now. Darrow proactively searches for these violations. We do this by monitoring global events and acting in the public’s best interest, connecting cases with litigation teams that will get people the justice they deserve. This is our vision — a world where everyone trusts that every legal violation is swiftly discovered, precisely valued, and efficiently resolved. Frictionless.

On Our Winning Team

And last, but not least, we want to take this moment to pay special recognition to the nearly 100 Darrowers from NY to Tel Aviv. As a startup founder, this is the kind of team you can only dream of leading. We both feel so fortunate, every day, to work alongside some of the most talented, intelligent, and motivated people out there. And while we are an AI company, Darrow is truly about its people – the beating human heart inside the machine.

We know there are more of you out there. If you’re fascinated by AI and eager to be part of developing it for the good of humanity  — we want you to join us.

You Get This.

And just so no one thinks this blog post was written by artificial intelligence, we will add a small token of appreciation to our diligent human readers. On the wall at Darrow’s office, a flashy sign reads: “You Get This.” Clearly, a mistake was made by whoever ordered the sign. But rather than replace it with the far more conventional phrase, “You Got This,” we decided to leave the sign as is. 

“You Get This” has become our motto at Darrow – a catch phrase we use both to encourage one another through challenging moments, and to celebrate our triumphs. It’s there to remind ourselves not to take it all so seriously. Mistakes are inevitable, those result will usually be far more interesting and original. No machine gets it. But if you’re a Darrower, you get it.

Join us as we welcome a new season,

Evya and Gila