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Your Case Portal has a New Look



As a lawyer who represents the public’s interest, it can be a challenge to find your next big case. At Darrow, we know that you probably spend a lot of time, money, and energy on business development for your firm – acquiring new clients, building referral networks, or searching through different databases and resources to find potential violations. We also know that this is valuable time you could be spending on legal tasks (as in, the reason you went to law school in the first place). 

That’s why Darrow is committed to helping your firm grow its business, leveraging cutting-edge generative AI to connect you directly with top cases you want to take on, so you can spend more time doing what you do best: fighting for justice.  Once our AI-powered Justice Intelligence system detects a legal violation, the case gets matched with the right law firm and litigation team, and will appear for review in their Case Portal. Today, we are thrilled to unveil the new and improved appearance of Darrow’s Case Portal. In our continuous pursuit of “frictionless justice,”  we’ve given the Portal a fresh new look. But this update isn’t just about aesthetics (although it is beautiful!); it’s about ensuring that partnering with Darrow is as seamless as possible, and that our users can focus on litigating, and bringing justice to the world. 

Enhanced user experience

The Case Portal’s transformation not only includes a new look and feel, but also enhances the efficiency it offers to users. The Portal’s fresh new look was carefully designed to provide a seamless user experience, be as intuitive as possible, and make it effortlessly easy to locate and access necessary information about your cases promptly.

With its intuitive interface and enhanced functionality, navigating through pending cases, owned case details, and plaintiff campaigns has become more seamless than ever. The Portal’s user-friendly design streamlines access to critical information, facilitating quicker decision-making processes and fostering more efficient collaboration. 

Simplified navigation 

“Pending Cases” is now the first thing you will see when you login to the Case Portal. Previously, all pending, owned, and rejected cases were situated at the same level, but now users are navigated directly to the pending cases. This strategic adjustment makes it easier to find, review and conduct due diligence on cases you are considering to take on, which we discovered from extensive research is the most used part of our Case Portal. 

We have also changed the structure of the way we present pending cases in our Portal so that in addition to being able to see how many pending cases you have, at a glance, you can also see a synopsis of each case, without having to click into the case itself. 

Frictionless justice never looked so good

At Darrow our mission is to leverage generative AI and cutting-edge technology for attorneys so you can focus on what you do best: fighting for justice. The new Portal was designed with exactly that in mind: It is easier than ever to use, so that attorneys can easily find the information they need, when they need it.

Login to see the new and improved Portal. Not yet a Darrow partner? Contact us to find your next big case.